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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Spanish Language Resource

Hola Gente - i.e. Hi People

(who remembers what i.e. stands for? You in the back, thanks for waking up)

Every now and then we bump into a language site that does great work and we like to share this with the world since learning a language takes a lifetime and many sources including Such a site is Spanish NewsBites.

As the name would imply they help with your Spanish language studies by providing news stories of varying difficulty in both audio and text. . The articles contain vocabulary and phrases that you can roll over to see English translations. Simple and effective! You can also download both the MP3 audio as well as a PDF of the text. (Note the PDF's translations are at the bottom of the article. While not as user friendly as the web version it's certainly better than nothing)

They post new articles every few days so it's worth checking in with them regularly. We've just started to poke around this site so feel free to let us know here in the comments section what else you find there. This is a terrific addition to the world of online language learning. Don't forget to tell them Parlo sent you. Ciao for now.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

English Vocabulary!?! Sort of...

First to the serious business: We are extending the free use our the English 1 and Spanish 2 courses through the end of this month - i.e. October. Enjoy, learn lots, buy the next course here at Parlo and keep us in business.

Now, on to a new Parlo Blog feature: Use It In a Sentence

This is a not-so-serious blog entry that I'd like some of you advanced English speakers to try yourself. Anyone can play. Just think of a word whose parts can also be a phrase or sentence with another meaning. Pick a word and use it in a sentence that makes reference to its real meaning. You can see what I mean by my examples. Here now, I humbly offer my first attempts at this game.
(You can see the real meaning of these words by clicking on the word itself to go to a definition of that word)

Bifurcate - "I am of two minds on what present to give to my friend. What should I bifurcate?"

Castigate - " The critical iron worker tended to castigate."

I am now asking for further contributions to post here. Let's see if we can get a good collection of these.

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