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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Learn English Vocabulary - Feed the World!

Those of you who wish to improve your English vocabulary, whether you are learning English as a second language or whether it's your native tongue, will probably enjoy this site I recently discovered. It's called It's basically a never-ending multi-choice vocabulary game but boy is it addictive. The site is non-profit and donates rice to the UN World Food Program by selling advertising on the site. As you play the game it keeps a running tally of the number of grains of rice that you help buy through playing the game. My goal is to get past level 48 (out of 55 levels) Please visit the site improve your vocabulary and improve the world.

By the way, still offers some of the best language courses for studying English, French, Spanish and Italian.  Try our free sample lessons and buy a course today.  None of us are not getting any younger.  Carpe Diem cuz Tempus Fugit.

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