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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Off Language topic Post - Audio Ecology

Well folks, I don't post "off topic" very often but if you stretch you definition of language studies to include the interpretation of sounds then; Gee whiz! We're back on topic! 


Listening to The Brian Lehrer Show on Public Radio, WNYC the other day I heard a wonderful show on the topic of New York's Audio Ecology.  (Listen Streaming) (Download MP3) The show was completely fascinating and fun, featuring (gotta lotta "F" words in a row there didn't I?) the creators of an audio map of New York city.  Plenty of sound clips were played and callers were asked to correctly guess what they were listening to.  Some were very difficult and some less so.  I encourage you to listen to the show so you can play along too.  Then you should go the the site to explore the sounds of the city.  Next post will be strictly on topic.  Thanks for getting this far.


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