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Friday, December 01, 2006

Free Spanish and English Courses - December

For December 2006 at we are going to make our English 3 and Spanish 1 available at no charge. That's free language audio, free grammar free vocabulary. All gratis! If you can put in an hour a day you can finish the course in a month. If you do not finish it we're convinced you will want to buy it so you can finish it at your own pace. Here's how to use your free Spanish or free French course. Go to

Interactive English 3
Password: parlo

Spanish 1
Password: parlo

(Please don't change the passwords or you'll prevent others from using the course until we change it back to "parlo" Thanks!)

PARLO'S NEWEST FEATURE: We are adding free English and foreign language video content every week so go to our Cultures page and click in Spanish or English (so far) you can watch free videos to practice your listening skills.

Yabla (a Featured Partner) offers video content with native language captions, translation captions, a "Slow Play" button and more!
Yabla ESL - English Language Videos
LoMasTV - Yabla's Spanish Language Videos


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