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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Spanish idiom - Ni fu ni fa

Well folks, obviously I remembered the expression incorrectly because I asked one of my Argentine friends about it and he laughed at me when I said, "Ni fi ni fo". In fact, it's, "Ni fu ni fa". Oops! Well, in any event, he explained it to me what one would say when the outcome of something would elicit a "Forget about it" (or fah-ged-a-bow-did if your from the depths of Brooklyn) from an American. gives the following definition.

fu ni fa (ni)

1. loc. col. Se usa para indicar que algo resulta indiferente:
-¿qué tal la película? -ni fu ni fa.

So in fact it is not the same as "close enough for jazz". It seems to have the connotation of dismissive indifference. Expression solved!! If anyone has some fun idioms they'd like to share we would be most grateful.


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