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Monday, July 10, 2006

Essential Internet terms in Spanish and French

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Here's a taste of a group of terms we should all be familiar with - internet terms. You'll find these are very useful when you are sitting in an internet cafe overseas. We'll start with a few terms in Spanish and then give you a sampling in French. At the end of each list there's a link to where you can find a larger glossary.

English Spanish

link - enlace, vínculo
homepage - página principal, página inicial
toolbar - barra de herramientas
to go back - regresar
Forward - adelante
button - botón
save - guardar
password- contraseña
click (imperative)- haga clic (usted) haz clic (tu)
secure web site - sitio Web seguro

Find plenty more of these essential Spanish terms here.

English French
link: 1. n. un lien. 2. vt. link (to), linker (à)
homepage: n. une page-mère
toolbar: n. barre d'outils
bookmark: n. un signet
site map: n. une carte de site, un plan du site
password: n. un password, un mot de passe
click (of the mouse): n. un clic. right-click, un clic-droit. left-click, un clic-gauche
search: 1. vt. rechercher. 2. n. une recherche
mouse: n. une souris
Find more internet terms in French here.


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