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Monday, June 26, 2006

Translating Instant Messaging Acronyms

Here's a window that looks into the mind of English speaking teenagers. Make sure you are securely tied to something in case you lean in too far and need to pull yourself back out. Having once had the mind of a teenager and now being father to one I subscribe to the sound advice, "Don't go there!" Following are the keys to the code that makes up some of the communications between teenagers and hard core IM-ers. (users of Instant Messaging) I'm sure there are many more but here's a sampling.

A3 is ''anytime, anywhere, anyplace.''

ASLP is ''age, sex, location, picture.''

BD is ''big deal.''

CMI is ''call me.''

CTN is ''can't talk now.''

F2T is ''free to talk.''

FYEO is ''for your eyes only.''

IAD8 is ''it's a date.''

LDR is ''long-distance relationship.''

LYN is ''lying.''

MMAMP is ''meet me at my place.''

P911 is ''my parents are coming.''

PRW is ''parents are watching.''

RUMF? is ''are you male or female?''

STATS is ''your sex and age.''

YIWTGO is ''yes, i want to go private.''


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