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Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm here! What do I say? (Think World Cup)

So, you've been planning this trip overseas for months, you are burning some hard earned cash and vacation days, coordinated with your mate, and you are finally going to that country where you get to practice your improving language skills. You want to get to know the people there and not just as a tourist who spends money in their economy. (We're sure you'll do that anyway) What do you talk about or ask the locals that will get them engaged in a real conversation? Here's an idea. Talk about soccer. What?!! I don't know a darned thing about it. Well, it's time you start and here's a few links to help.

Learning about Soccer
So You Wann Learn the Basics of Soccer This site has different sections describing how the game works.
Mom's Guide to SoccerThis site has a concise set of terms and definitions. This is a great place to make a vocabulary list that you can then translate and memorize before you get there.
Click for More Spanish / English Soccer Terms
away game - partido que se juega fuera de casa
away team - equipo visitante
beat - derrotar / vencer
bench - banquillo
centre circle - cĂ­rculo central
championship - campeonato
changing rooms - vestuarios
corner kick - saque de esquina. corner
click for more French / English Soccer Terms
Pitch / Terrain
penalty box = surface de reparation, les 16 metres
goal = but, cage
goal area = les 6 metres (ou surface de but)
penalty spot = point de penalty, de reparation
pitch = terrain (de foot)
pitch conditions = etat du terrain
ground = terrain

Click for more Italian / English Soccer Terms This list has pronunciation as well as translation (Great for beginners!)
La Partita: The game. Plural form is Le Partite. Pronounced "Lah Pahr-tee-tah or Leh Pahr-tee-tay."

Il Modulo: The module or system that a coach employs. In the Serie A, most teams use a variation of the 4-4-2 or a 4-3-2-1. Some play a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3, which is more attack-oriented. A few play with 5 midfielders. Pronounced "Eel Moe-duh-loh."

Il Tridente: This is when the coach uses three attackers, or a "trident." Pronounced "Eel Tree-dayn-tay." As in the 4-3-3 referenced in il modulo.

Il Derby: A game between two teams from the same city or region. Pronounced "Eel Dair-bee." For example, AC Milan and Inter Milan. AS Roma and Lazio. Juventus and Torino. When Inter plays Juventus, it is called "Il Derby D'Italia." Because only these two teams have always played in the Serie A.

Fuorigioco: Offsides. Pronounced "Fwour-ree-joe-coh."

Finally, here's a link to a fun article on how soccer players communicate in this international sport. Some of them have to work a little to effectively curse out a referee. Does the World Cup have a lingua franca?

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