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Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Guy Really Wanted to Learn English

Once again, please look at our earlier post (2 posts ago) on how to vote for a free course on

Today's post is something I bumped into about a 27 year old Guatamalan here illegally, who tried to pass himself off as an 18 year old to get into high school. This story is from September of last year:

TRINITY, Florida (AP) -- Authorities say a 27-year-old Guatemalan man arrested for posing as an 18-year-old Pasco County high school student told them he enrolled because he wanted to learn English.

Josue Oswaldo Ramirez-Mejia is charged with uttering a forged instrument.

He's being held on 5-thousand dollars bail.

Officials say Ramirez-Mejia used forged documents to enroll last month at J-W Mitchell High School.

The sheriff's office reports that someone also posed as his guardian.

School officials say Ramirez-Mejia was a good student and hadn't caused any problems.

His brother says he came to the United States three years ago and worked after classes at their Lake Worth business.

The F-B-I says Ramirez-Mejia entered the U-S illegally after being denied entry.

U-S Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun deportment proceedings.

Officials say Ramirez-Mejia would've been eligible for county adult education courses.

If only he'd had access to parlo courses... heck, we probably would have given him a free course!


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