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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Language Translation Software

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Those of us toiling away, day in and day out, in the language salt mine we call like our mining tools to be sharp and effective. The clever folks at Babylon offered us amazing software - yeh, we took 'em up on the offer! - that we use all the time in our work. We got permission to reprint an article that we think sums up well why we think this Babylon software is so great. It also points you to another good language learning site we think you should look at. Go ahead and take the Babylon software for a free test drive. Once you use it you'll come to rely on it more and more, just as we do.

Babylon, A Software Liberating
Language Learners Worldwide

By Steve Kaufmann

The modern global village is forcing the world’s scattered people with all their different languages into regular contact with each other. Now the very technological revolution that is responsible for this intensity of international exchange is also providing the solutions to communicating across language barriers. The software which amazingly translates words, phrases and sentences in a single click, Babylon , is a brilliant example.

My name is Steve Kaufmann, author of The Way of The Linguist, A language learning odyssey. I speak nine languages fluently (6 European and 3 Asian) and I’m working on three more right now at the age of 60. I know what it takes to learn languages and one of the keys is efficiency. That’s why Babylonis so valuable.
HavingSpanish , French , Italian, Portuguese , Dutch , and over 60 other languages available at the click of the mouse is a major advantage in language learning.

One of my morning pleasures is to go to my computer and peruse newspapers and websites from around the world. I could not do this without Babylon, my handy-to-use online dictionary program. It does not matter if I am reading in Chinese
, German , Japanese or any other language. There are always words that I am not familiar with. For new languages that I am learning, like Russian and Korean, Babylon is even more important since it allows me to access a wide range of interesting content.

About four years ago I realized that the combination of the Internet and
MP3 technology would revolutionize language learning. We are entering an age when language learners will be free from the well intentioned tyranny of the language teachers and their text books. To convert the new abundance of interesting audio and text content now available on the Internet into an enjoyable language learning experience just requires the intelligent use of technology. That is why I founded The, and chose Babylon.

The Linguist is a revolutionary language learning system which accelerates vocabulary acquisition and the achievement of language fluency. Learners are able to learn from content that not only matches their interests and needs, but is at an appropriate level of difficulty and focuses on the vocabulary they need to learn. Our system could not function without a reliable and effective multilingual dictionary. We chose Babylon for its flexibility, ease of use, the variety of dictionaries it offers, and its reliability. Babylon interfaces ideally with our language students.

The ( )is an international community with users from over 25 countries. When our members encounter words that they do not know, they use Babylon to instantly see the meaning and translation into their own language. No longer do language learners have to deal with traditional dictionaries that are slow and cumbersome to use, only to quickly forget what they looked up. No longer do they have to limit their reading to boring text books. A whole world of interesting content has been opened up to them.
Language learners worldwide have been liberated, thanks to Babylon.

To purchase a license for this revolutionary software, click here.


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