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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spanish Lullaby from Venezuela - Podcast

Here's another podcast that we hope you'll enjoy. This beautiful song, Mi Tripón, by Otilio Galindez, translates to "Sweetheart" but more literally means 'of my flesh', 'guts' or 'viscera'. In English we don't really have a word that describes when someone is that much a part of you. Performed by Canopus, conducted by Guillermo Vaisman. Enjoy!

Duerme mi tripón
vamos a engañar la lechuza
y engañar al coco
que ya no asusta.
Duerme mi tripón

Que mañana el sol brillará en tu cuna
y te contará como fue que un día perdió la luna.

Duerme mi tripón ya se fue la tarde cansada
y llegó la noche fresquita y pura
Duerme mi tripón

Abrirá tus ojos la luz del alba
y te enseñará ríos y caminos
y la montaña. Duerme mi tripón

Sleep, my sweetheart, and we will cheat the owl
And also we'll trick the bogeyman who doesn't scare us,
Sleep my sweetheart.

Tomorrow, the sun will shine on your cradle,
And will tell you how one day he lost the moon.

Sleep, my sweetheart, the day has gone, it was tired,
And the night, clear and pure has come,
Sleep, my sweetheart.

The morning light will open your eyes,
And will show you rivers and paths,
And the mountain, sleep now, my sweetheart.


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