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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

French culture - Postscript

Well, it's a couple of days later and this chapter and of the story has been told. France will not be the first country to begin dismantling their system of guarantees for workers even if it might mean continued high unemployment. President Jacques Chirac has rescinded the new labor law. (Described in previous posts) I've included a link to an analysis in the New York Times that puts this into a broader, European perspective.

I can't help but feel sad for the young people in these countries because their sense of future opportunities must be so constrained. I understand that's it's hard to be the generation that says "I might take a hit" to make my country's economy more vibrant. That's pretty conceptual. It's my American cultural and class insularity that makes me think that the "natural order of things" includes being a young adult with a choice of job prospects. Think about the sweep of human history and, of course, one can see that this is a modern conceit coming from someone with a reasonably stable job in a prosperous country. (It's time to stop and count my blessings) Read this. In France, an Economic Bullet Goes Unbitten


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