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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dual Language Find of the Week

Ever on the hunt for interesting and free language resources I have discovered (well OK, it hit me over the head)that the very successful clothing company American Apparel is doing Spanish and English students a great service. They now publish a free monthly magazine titled, México City Monthly that you can pick up in one of their stores. This is a short, dual-language publication featuring interviews and articles on interesting things to do in and around México City. I really like finding lists of slang terms (yeh, I'm a language dork, I know). You have to approach using these kinds of words carefully for a few reasons. First you have to be sure that they are not rude or crude words. Second, you have to be sure that people are still really using these terms or you'll sound like someone in the U.S. saying, "groovy" or "psychedelic", ie., really dated. With that said, here are the terms and translations they published in the April edition of México City Monthly:

Oyé - Hey or listen
Guácala (Wah-ka-la) Stinky
Guëy (weigh) Man or dude
¿Quiubo? (Kyu-boh) What's up?
Pedo - Fart or problem (Here's one of those words you must be careful using)
Órale - OK or Woah!

This is fun stuff, no? On the American Apparel website there's a very cool video of one of their workers, a Mexican man, who was a wrestler in Mexico. He recounts how the discipline and motivation involved in wrestling changed his life for the better. The English subtitles makes for a great way to practice listening. Here's the link.


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