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Friday, March 17, 2006

Protests in France - Study Language & Culture

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This language study thing - it's like any other kind of exercise regime. It's hard to start but once you get rolling it gets easier and easier until you actually look forward to it. With that it mind let's keep reading the news in other languages.

Today's topic will be the protests in France over the new employment rules that would allow companies to fire workers within the first two years of employment with little prior notice and no serverence pay if they are under 26 years old. The idea is to encourage business to take a chance on hiring people and to thus spur job growth. Nationally, unemployment for people under 26 yrs is 23%. In the suburbs, which are the poor sections of France, the unemployment rate is said to be nearly twice as high. Clearly this a real crisis for France. Those who oppose this policy feel that it it discrimination (strictly speaking they are right but is it justifiable would be the real question). The protests have become violent and caused many universties to shut down.

Home School Study Guide
For Social Studies
Fact finding - What does this new law actually say? Who will be affected by it? Why was it enacted? When does it take effect? What are the protest like? What percentage of protestors are being violent?
Evaluate - Will this law achieve what it aims to? Argue both sides of the issue. Is the two tiered status of workers justifiable? Are the protests going to be effective? Is violent protest ever appropriate? Again, try to argue both sides and then weigh each side to see how you ulitimately view the issue. Keep in mind that as events unfold and the facts change you may re-weigh things and change how you feel. Reason is a wonderful thing.

French Language
Le million, voir plus. C'est la barrière que les organisateurs du mouvement anti-CPE espèrent dépasser samedi 18 mars lors de la journée de manifestation contre le projet du gouvernement. En province, les manifestations ont commencé un peu partout. A Lyon comme à Toulouse, les manifestants seraient plus de 20 000. A Poitiers, ils seraient entre 7 000 et 10 000.
To read more click here Le Monde

Spanish Language
Un regalo para la izquierda
parís. Para el primer ministro francés, Dominique de Villepin, ahora se trata de todo o nada. Tras la revuelta estudiantil contra su reforma del mercado laboral, son los sindicatos los que ahora están movilizando todas sus fuerzas para poner al Gobierno galo hoy ante una prueba de fuerza decisiva. ...
To read more click here Diario de Sevilla

Italian Language
Francia, la rabbia degli studenti
Manifestazioni contro il Contratto di primo impiego che prevede libertà di licenziare. Scontri con la polizia in tutto il Paese: arrestati 272 giovani. Università occupate. Almeno 51 gli agenti feriti
Click here to read more Corriere delle Sera

Keep reading, listening and speaking and remember, life and learning is a marathon and not a sprint. More anon.


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