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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Basic Spanish - Parts of the Body

OK folks here's some vocabulary that everyone needs to know. You and a study mate can get up to speed on the names of body parts by just pointing or you can say, "Enséñeme el/la ________." ("Show me your... " Note: this means "your" even though you use "la" or "el"before the noun) This game can be competitive or just for practice. Whatever motivates you. After 5 minutes of this you should have these words down cold. Starting from the top on down - here we go!

Spanish Words for Parts of the Body

La cabeza - head
El cabello - hair
La frente - forehead
La oreja - ear
El ojo - eye
La nariz - nose
La mejilla - cheek
La boca - mouth
El diente - tooth
El cuello - neck
El hombro - shoulder
El pecho - chest
El brazo - arm
El antebrazo - forearm
El codo - elbow
La muñeca - wrist
La mano - hand (note: it's feminine though it ends in "o")
El dedo - finger
El estómago - stomach
La ingle - groin (note: if it's plural it looks like "English" without the accent)
La cadera - hip
La pierna - leg
El muslo - thigh
La rodilla - knee
La espinilla - shin
El pantorilla - calf
La pie - foot
El tobillo - ankle
El dedo del pie - toe (lit. finger of the foot)
La espalda - back

I will be coming to your house for a pop quiz early next week so you'd better start studying now!


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey you forgot lips /los labios!!!


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