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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spanish, French and Italian Tongue Twisters

Calling all language teachers! Have a contest in your class for who can say these tongue twisters the fastest. (accuracy counts of course)

(Woodchuck / Would Chuck)

Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal. (Three sad tigers were swallowing wheat on a wheat field.)
¿Usted no nada nada? No, no traje traje. (You dont swim at all? No, I didn't bring a (swim) suit.)
El vino vino, pero el vino no vino vino. El vino vino vinagre. (The wine came, but the wine didn't come (as) wine. The wine came (as) vinegar.)

And here are a couple that my mother gave me (THANKS mom!)

Como como? Como como como! (How do I eat? I eat as I eat!)
Compadre, comprame un coco. Compadre, no compro coco. Por que como poco coco como, poco coco compro.
Compadre, buy me a coconut. Compadre, I don't buy coconuts. Because, I eat few coconuts, I buy few coconuts.

Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien de chasse. (A hunter who knows how to hunt knows how to hunt without his hunting dog.)
Santé n'est pas sans t, mais maladie est sans t. (Health isn't (written) without t, illness is (written) without t.)
Dans la gendarmerie, quand un gendarme rit, tous les gendarmes rient dans la gendarmerie. (In the gendarmerie (police station) when a policeman laughs all the policemen laugh in the gendarmerie.)

Se mi cerchi non ci sono! Semicerchi non ""c"" sono. (If you look for me, I'm not here! Halfcircles are not ""C""s.)
Quanti rami di rovere roderebbe un roditore se un roditore potesse rodere rami di rovere? (How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?)
Il papá pesa al pepe a Pisa. A Pisa pesa il pepe al papá. (The father weighs the pepper in Pisa. In Pisa, the pepper is weighed by the father.)


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