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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Practice a Foreign Language - Read Celebrity Gossip!

Sometimes getting oneself or others motivated to study a language can be tough. One way to break up the monotony is to indulge in reading celebrity gossip as seen in foreign countries. We already know the cast of characters and range of things that are written about them so understanding is easier. I'm never afraid of being confronted with some obsure philosophic term. Below are some "teasers" and links to articles on the travails of Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci. (For the record, I wish Cameron Diaz well. She sounds like a nice unpretentious person) And now, let the dishing of dirt begin.

Cameron Diaz in the news (Freshness dated - these links will change!)

France - L'actrice américaine, Cameron Diaz, est jalouse, très jalouse. Cela allait encore lorsque son mec, le chanteur Justin Timberlake, se contentait de chanter. Mais là, il est passé devant la caméra et joue avec d'autres actrices...

Uraguay -
Y no es Justin Timberlake
Un enorme pájaro casi le cuesta la vida a Cameron Díaz, luego de causar un accidente de auto

MTV (Italy)
TUTTO SU JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEJUSTIN IN CRISI - coppia Timberlake/Diaz assediata da una rivale: Christina Ricci

Do this a couple of times a week - easy there, don't get carried away - and you'll be amazed at the vocabulary you've acquired and how much you know about the lives of the rich and famous. Like I said, language study is tough.


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