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Monday, December 05, 2005

Free Online Language Dictionaries and Resources

Below are some links to free resources that we think you'll find very useful in your language and cultural studies. Please remember to sign up for a course at for a structured way to keep improving your language skills. Use Corporate Code: TEACH1 for 15% off our regular prices.
  • This is a very rich and comprehensive resource, both for what is available on the site directly and the collection of links to other language learning web sites. Features include: Dictionaries, Courses, Glossaries, and 'Nyms & Such. (ie. syno / anto and the other "nyms")
  • - All major and minor (I suppose that depends on your perspective, of course) languages. *Note: you can set your google homepage interface for just about any language, including Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin and Klingon. No kidding, check it out.
  • Translation dictionaries between English and French, Spanish, Italian, Portuese and German. Look up conjugations of verbs, grammatical terms and examples, and other useful tools.
  • More languages than is practical to list.
  • redirect=true English/Spanish, English/French, Español - Francés, Español - Alemán, Castellano - Catalán, Français - Espagnol, Deutsch - Spanisch, Català - Castellà.
  • This site has links to 403 newspaper front pages from 45 countries presented alphabetically. You may also view your choices in a map view. This is a great way to practice reading foreign languages as well as getting a different perspective on world events.

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